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NaijaSecForce (nsfLABS)

Computer Emergency Response Team

Who are we?

nsfLABs is Nigeria's first private computer emergency response service working with citizens, public entities & private organizations to contain cyber threats and to build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the Nation.


Security Incidents resolved so far


Certified & Experienced Incident Responders

Our Services (FREE)

Have you been breached? nsfLABS team will assist you or your organization to quickly identify the point(s) of entry, contain the breach and help restore any of your services that were impaired due to the cybersecurity incident.

Contact us today.

Phishing websites imitate legitimate websites in order to obtain personal or financial information. Have you come across any phishing websites which you want us to investigate/takedown or a malicious file (malware) which you believe could be suspicious and you want us to analyze?

Have you found a vulnerability on a website/software that may allow an attacker to bypass security controls causing some impact to the system or its services?
If you need assistance in communicating this vulnerability to the organization, nsfLABS can assist.


National Collaboration

Collaborative emergency incident response within Nigeria

National cooperation and coordination for cybersecurity-related activities amongst stakeholders within Nigeria - citizens, private and public sectors

World-Class Intelligence & Expertise

We are leveraging on the use of world-class threat intelligence garnered from within and outside Nigeria.

Our members are the most experienced & Versatile Threat Hunters, Penetration Testers and Incident Responders in Nigeria

Unique insights into National Cyber-threats

Contextual analysis of threats, empowering you and your team to outsmart cyber-attackers.

Offline and Online identification of motives behinds cyber threats and attacks

8x5 Managed Service

Our team of experts are available to assist you in stopping and responding to sophisticated attacks

We have partnerships with Security Operation Centers (SOCs) within and outside Nigeria - bringing about quick alerts and advisories to ensure safety in the Nigerian digital space

How it Works


Prevent incidents

- Send alerts and advisories

- Educate citizens and organizations about cybersecurity

- Conduct awareness sessions

- Share awareness posters and messages


Report Incident and conduct Initial Analysis

- Contact us to report incidents or vulnerabilities found

- We will analyse the report and identify the existence of the incident

- We will acknowledge the report and assign a tracking number

- We will determine the priority and classify the incident accordingly


Incident response, containment and investigation

- We will provide instructions on how to contain the incident

- Assist in extracting Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) & blocking accordingly

- Perform root cause analysis and assist in restoring operations


Post-Incident Activity

- Digital evidence collection & Forensic investigation

- Lessons learnt

- Identification of threat actors

Frequent Questions

For now, No. We are self-funded.

Yes, by all means, all information shared with us are made confidential. However, Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) will be extracted and shared without naming the victim organization.

As we are currently self-funded, we are always open to receiving supports from the community. Please reach out to us on how you plan to support.


Thank you very much for identifying this vulnerability.I greatly appreciate NaijaSecForce team for this input.

Anonymous, CIO, One of Africa's Largest conglomerate

Thanks for assisting us in identifying this vulnerability and your patience in helping us remediate and re-check. Highly recommend.

Anonymous, CISO - One of Nigeria's Leading Banks

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